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About Us

Laureen Hudson, Practical Content, headshot (image)

Laureen Hudson

With more than 20 years of experience. Laureen has worked for Sun Microsystems, HP, AlienVault, Docker, Humio, a raft of start-ups, and several small presses, including Paper Angel Press.

JB Wheatley, Practical Content, headshot (image)

JB Wheatley

Enthusiastic partner in your business development, helping you strategize and grow through a combination of story, outreach, marketing, and management.

Steven Radecki, Practical Content, headshot (image)

Steven Radecki

With more than 30 years of experience, Steven has worked for companies such as IBM, Borland Software, HP, and SonicWall. He has also taught courses in technical communications, workplace behavior assessment, and business-process improvement. Steven holds a degree in information and computer science from UC Irvine and has authored several technical papers about computer technology and one non-fiction book about developing multimedia applications. He is also the author of Building Baby Brother.

In it for the greater good.

What do we do? We listen until we understand, and then we help you produce content that lets your heart shine through—because we’ve all had enough of cookie-cutter, business casual language. It’s time to up your game, and let the integrity of your words speak for themselves.