Laureen Hudson

Developmental, line, and technical editor with more than 20 years of experience. Laureen has worked for Sun Microsystems, Borland Software, HP, a raft of startups, Read the rest ...

Steven Radecki

Project manager and technical writer with more than 30 years of experience. Steven has worked for companies like IBM, Borland Software, HP, and SonicWall. He Read the rest ...

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Have you wanted to strike out on your own, but hesitated because you were intimidated by the logistics of starting your own business? Does the Read the rest ...


Our clients include:

  • Angelos Vasilliou
  • Cyber Diverse Training
  • Drummond Group
  • Fennelly Consulting
  • Lares Consulting
  • Paper Angel Press
  • Zahava Sherez

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About Us

At Practical Content, we are dedicated to a world where superlative wordsmithing results in complex ideas being communicated with clarity and accuracy.

We exist to Read the rest ...