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Meet the team.

We’re a talented group of creative individuals interested in art, cinematography, design, music, and all niches in between. Get to know us and what we can do for you!

Laureen Hudson

All things editorial and content

With more than 20 years of experience, Laureen has worked for Sun Microsystems, Borland, HP, a raft of start-ups, and several small presses, including Paper Angel Press. She also has these amazing ferrets that you might be lucky enough to see on a conference call.

J.B. Wheatley

Marketing and Design

J.B. worked in TV & film post-production and visual effects for 10 years before turning her skill set to the publishing industry. From Florida to Maine and coast to coast, J.B. has done design, brand, marketing, and management for everything from bespoke chapbooks to billion-dollar operations, all with an eye towards differentiating her clients from the pack.

Elyse Russell

Author Services

Elyse Russell has been writing since she was seven. She loves stories in all forms. When writing, she tends to stick to short stories and graphic novels, and most of her works are speculative in nature. Elyse has had works accepted with Mermaid’s Monthly, Hyphen Punk, Crone Girl’s Press, Outcast Press, Markosia, Last Girls Club, and more. When not writing, Elyse enjoys long naps with her cats, reading, and donuts. Also cheese.

Steven Radecki

CPM and Technical Writer

Steven’s got 30 years of experience. (Not trying to one-up Laureen, he’s just been on the earth longer than she has.) He’s worked for IBM, Borland, HP, and SonicWall. He has also taught courses in technical communications and business-process improvement. Steven holds a degree in information and computer science from UC Irvine. He is also the author of Building Baby Brother.